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Videos of Hotel La Bastide de Moustiers*****
Moustiers-St.-Marie, France.


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See the Full Video Tour
If you liked the short intro video, this tour shows more of the hotel and grounds including the rescue donkeys, the kitchen garden, the miniscule kitchen from which the delictables are created.
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Then our Join us for Lunch on the Patio.
Here we try to recreate a feeling of what it is like to enjoy lunch out under the dappled shade of the ancient Plane tree with the tinkling sound of the fountain. A bliss not to be missed.

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Finally, our Join us for dinner.
As the last of the day's sun shines in the window of this charming ancient dining room, we enjoy a leisurely dinner which finally concludes after sunset as the light has faded away.

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Video Peter D'Aprix © 2019

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