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Videos of Hotel La Bastide de Saint Tropez *****
St. Tropez, France.


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it there or click the Box on the bottom right to fill your screen. If you do click on "settings" and set on 1080 for high quality resolution for viewing.

You have seen the short introductionvideo of the hotel, now you can enjoy a FULL video tour of the Hotel as well.
Join us for dinner at "Le Bistr'O".
Le Bistr'O is the informal restaurant at La Bastide de St. Tropez that serves breakfast, lunch and dinner either outside in the shade on a lovely patio or inside in a dining room of muted neutral colors. There is a rotisserie and wood fired cooking kitchen that serves Le Bistr'O only.
Enjoy a welcome from General Manager M. Fabien Delaffon and a video tour of the Hotel.
As well as his welcome and introduction we see the grounds

New in the last few years is the BBQ/Grill/Pizza oven "open to the air" pool side kitchen.
Here you can watch your lunch being prepared pool side whether its a pizza, salade, grilled veggies, lamb, fish, chicken or many other choices. First braised on the "Plancha" then baked in the pizza oven, these dishes are fantastic. You can eat at your chaise longue or at the low tables set under shady umbrellas pool side.

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Join us for dinner in the hotels restaurant "L'Olivier"
Watch the service, see what we were served and how it looked and the wines we were served in the atmospher of the restaurant.

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Watch the 14 minute step by step video of the preparation of Chef Colinet's "Crab Meat in Tomato Water Jelly, Lemon Foam" or in French "Chair de Tourteau en Gelée d'eau de Tomate, Écume de Citron"
This video is 14 mintues long due to the many steps of preparation. But if you want to impress your friends, this cool spring & summer dish is the way to do it.


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