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Michelin Starred Restaurant "La Bonne Etape"
La Château-Arnoux, Haute-Provence, France.

Michelin starred executive and owner of La Bonne Etape, Jany Gleize, is both a modern and imaginative chef and at the same time is dedicated to his region, its tastes, its produce and celebrates them with his thoroughly up to date cuisine yet with its roots in the traditions of Provence. (Watch his tutorial videos showing how to make his signature dish "Stuffed Zucchini Flowers" and you will learn much more).

Peter and Linda D'Aprix 1993-2021

Sisteron Lamb Jany Gleize with "Stuffed Zucchini Flowers" Berry Desert
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Yes indeed, this restaurant is filled with the tastes of Haute-Provence both in its food and in its ambience. The family Gleize (father, Pierre, and son, Jany, and Mom too) are not only delightful and welcoming hosts but together create a cuisine inspired by the best of local ingredients in a style that is modern but Provençal to the core. Fresh herbs from the hillsides, goat cheeses from the plateau of Valensole, traditional olive oil from Les Mées, lamb that has spent its life roaming the hills and valleys eating the wild rosemary, thyme and lavender.

It has been some years since we were last here and there have been a few changes but we are happy to report, that despite the challenges of the Covid lock downs, Jany Gleize has maintained the establishment exactly as it has always been - the quality of the cuisine - excellent. Some years ago, they added a charming bistro, "Au Goût du Jour" for those wanting cuisine filled with the famous Gleize touch but less fancy and easier on the purse. In 2021 they added a street side patio that can be opened up to the sky or closed off when it is cold and rainy.

We enjoyed a marvelous dinner with plenty to eat and redolent with the tastes of Provence and most especially this corner of the country. From the Amuse Bouche of small bits of Foie Gras and the tiny melon soup, and on to the Tomato/Garlic with Basil soup before we even got to the menu items, it was a delight. diningroomThen the Jany signature dish of Stuffed Zucchini flowers on a bed of Tomato Tartar and a scoop of Caviar of Eggplant for me and, since Linda had been starved of vegetables in this Covid year of 2021, Jany who always wants his guests to be happy, made her a dish of Red and Green Tomatoes.

We moved onto the main dish for me of local Sisteron Lamb fed free range on the nearby hills eating wild thyme, rosemary and lavender that infused the meat with all of the above and for Linda a vegetarian dish of fresh green beans, peas and Chinese peas and carrots, probably more vegetables than she had been able to order so far this trip. Then a small square of chocolate mouse cake just to prepare us for our desserts. I love this and try to ignore my wife's "kill you if you lift your fork" stare. Then she had the light spring red berry desert in various forms while I had the house speciality of "Creme Glacee with lavender honey set in a column topped off with some spun sugar as the honey swam in a lake around it. There is nothing quite like the lavender honey of Provence. And just in case we were not diabetic yet, a little tray of petit bonbons was served with coffee for me and fresh Thyme tea for Linda.

A lovely meal served in a classic yet somehow modern environment that leads to a calm and relaxing state of mind. A perfect place to de-stress!

For the cooks amoung you, you will enjoy Michelin starred Chef Jany Gleize's favorite refreshing summer recipe preparation two part tutorial video of his signature dish "Stuffed Zucchini Floowers" - see the preparation video >> (the 3rd & 4th ones down).

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La Bonne Etape Restaurant
Chemin du Lac
04160 Château-Arnoux-Saint-Auban
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Member of Relais et Châteaux


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