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Chef Jacque Chibois

Other Activities at Hotel La Ferme d'Augustin****
Plage de Tahiti, Route de Tahiti
near St. Tropez, France

In addition to the lovely hotel and grounds, there are many other activities that can keep a family visit humming in either peace and relaxation or enjoying the vibrant humand energy expenditure not to mention food. Basically something for everyone in the family. (See our videos below)

Peter and Linda D'Aprix 2001 (Updated 2023)

Join us for Lunch on the terrace & Dinner in the charming farm dining room - 2023
Watch Chef Sophia Bonissone demonstrate how to prepare the house signture dish "Fish Provencal"
Chef Henry Dambry demonstrates the house signture dessert "Pavlova" using an ultra pure form of Xylitol "Natsuc"

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First Food ~ The Restaurant:
cheeseThe cuisine is good, unpretentious Provençale country cooking using the products and flavors of Provence, much of which comes from their own gardens. The family has bonds with other farming families in the area that go back generations and extend to local fishermen and meat, poultry and dairy producers as well. Food is prepared fresh daily according to both the fisherman's catch of the day and the yield from the gardens as well as supplements from a few leading local suppliers.

These are authentic, simply prepared home cooking dishes infused used with Mediterranean flavors and fragrances. Family style chef, Sophia Bonissone, in the kitchens at La Ferme d’Agustin, prepares the signature dish of the hotel “Poisson Provençale“ (see the video above). As much as possible the desserts are prepared using "Nacsuc" a very pure form of Xylitol (see their signature "Pavlova" dessert in the video above).

vinyardOver all when it comes to the cuisine, our suggestion would be to stay with the daily menu posted on the "black board" which reflects the market of the moment rather than ordering from the à la carte menu. This is not, nor intended to be "haute cuisine" and is not expected to be by the clientele.

A nice touch is the "no set schedule for meals" flexible program. Breakfast is served until early afternoon, so sleeping late or enjoying a leisurely walk or jog on the beach before eating is possible making the freshly squeezed orange juice and home-made water melon jam even more welcome.

"Fleurs de Coton" Swiss massage and beauty salon:

This is a world class spa/therapy center newly installed in 2023. As well as their renowned massages, such as neuromuscular massage, Renata França method massages, Belly Revolution massage or massage for pregnant women, there are other beauty and anti-aging treatments such as the benefits of face lifting massage, the effects of which are increased tenfold thanks to the use of Olivier Claire brand products, the Japanese Kobido facial massage, or the Olivier Claire major moisturizing beauty treatment to relax the features. and rejuvenate facial skin. The treatments are delivered by award winning therapists and the massages are some of the best we have ever experienced. (Non residents of the hotel La Ferme d'Augustin can also have access to treatments which was a joy for us as we kept going back for more!)

Tahiti Beach:

The world famous "Tahiti" beach is just a few minutes further down the road for those who want to play in the sea, roast in the sun and feel hot sand between your toes. Many hotels have restaurants along the beach as well.

The Pool:

For those that don't relish sand in their toes or swimming suites, the large Biaineotherapy pool is right across from the dining room. With the pool heated to 30C (86F) it is a pleasant experience and it is also equipped with a "Hyperionic Water Life". This system is a "water enhancer" that both purifies the water giving you a silly, light texture that helps, not damages, your skin. There are power jets to massage your muscles, a water fall, jacussi bubbles and that water fall that will massage your shoulder muscles. So after all that bike riding, hiking, exploring, climbing and eating, you can really relax and recover for the next day.

The Fitness Center:

The Fitness/Gym/Yoga/Workout room is filled with open floor mat space, modern equipment and a wall of mirrors to see how you are progressing.


There is a boules/petanque court for those who love the challenge.

Electric Cars:

There are 5 charging stations in the shaded car park two of which are for Tesla.


Hotel La Ferme d'Augustin****
Plage de Tahiti
Route de Tahiti
St. Tropez
83350 Ramatuelle – France
Tél.: +33 (0)4 94 55 97 00
Fax : + 33 (0)4 94 97 59 76.


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