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"Hotel Le Mas de Pierre*****" - St. Paule-de-Vence, Provence, France.

Le Mas de Pierre is a lovely hotel with restaurant, sitting on the top of a hill that feels more country than one would suppose fate the congested drive up to it from the east/west autoroute down on the coast not far away. Completed and opened in 2005, it has matured into a well established hotel with its lovely ground, herb garden, spa and fine restaurant. It feels like an ancient building but it runs as smoothly as a clock with rooms and suites that are designed with comfortable tradition in mind, extremely doggie friendly, perfectly functioning plumbing, electric outlets just where you need them, all on a level for those with perambulation problems, just 10 kilometers (6 miles) from Nice airport despite which it is so peaceful and quiet with beautiful views of the inland mountains

Peter and Linda D'Aprix 2007

Entrance Bedroom Pool Area
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Just a few years ago there was a working farm on this site (the farm house is still on the property}. Today, the main building houses reception, the public rooms and the restaurant with a wing out either side for the rooms and suites. Then set back from but arranged around the pool, there are several annexes dotted around the rest of the property housing the rest of the accommodations as well as a full sized "La Villa du Mas de Pierre" with its own pool. Perfect for large family occasions or just to have a place to yourself.

Terrace/PatioThere are 7 villas laid out around a immense and musical heated swimming pool (yes wired for sound as well as warmth!), each one given its own name: Antonin, Camille, Dominique, Estelle, Florian, Grégoire et Mas de Pierre. The grounds and the garden is dotted with olive-trees that are over 100 years old, bushes, flowers, beds and acres of lawn as well as the kitchen garden that is a work of art as well of the palate, the large herb garden, the greenhouse and even an aviary.

These annexes are in fact country houses in their own right and have ten or so rooms each decorated in a spirit reminiscent of an old Provençal gentlemen’s farmhouse, crafted using authentic materials: vintage roof tiles, triple row of Génoise eaves, stone window and door frames, wrought-iron railings and gates as well as the creaking, old château gateway of first impressions. In this way, the spreading out of the accommodations, the management has been able to place 42 rooms, 6 suites and one individual Villa and manage to imbue the whole with a delux but relaxed family country home feeling but lacking nothing in modern Libraryconveniences from plasma-wide-screen TVs with channels in many languages, mini-bar of course, safe, high-speed Internet connections (with no charge), soundproofed and with the latest in air conditioning.

If you are traveling with a furry family member, a comfy bed replete with doggie bowl and cherry red chew bone is hand delivered to your room. Sigh! We feel like moving in for life!

You have your choice of 3 room styles - (Provencal, Romantic, Colonial) in shades of sun-yellow, ochre or lavender blue, with noble fabrics (P.Frey, Lelièvre, Canovas...) , old paintings and antique romantic furniture of style, founded for several years by the owners (cupboards of Provence, Old consoles, pedestal tables and dressers). Many have 4 poster beds and each one comes with a loggia, terrace or private garden equipped with plaited rein furniture (table, easy chairs and deck chairs). So do remember to specify your preference when booking especially if traveling with Towser since the ground floor rooms all lead directly onto a grassy private garden or terrace and from there directly out to the grassy grounds for the "just before bed stroll."

foodThe Restaurant:

kitchen garden photoUnder the capable hands of Emmanuel Lehrer, chef de cuisine, the food is both very fresh and benefits from the cornucopia of produce and the sea that is Provence. The restaurant has its own herb and kitchen garden right on the property tucked over in a corner. The dining room is filled with charm and traditional country feel. Or in good weather, you can eat outside on the delightful terrace with a view out over the grounds. You will find this menu a delight, filled with the tastes of Provence, meat, fish and poultry prepared to perfection and this chef is not trembling in fear of vegetables!

The Spa:

While the Spa is not big, it is both big enough and small enough to offer a good A bottle of crips, dry roserange of body toning and de-stress programs. It is situated right next to the pool and the exercise room with both outside (in a private cabana) and inside treatment rooms. You can even keep an eye on the kids in the pool while having all the knots worked out from keeping your eyes on the kids.

The Spa is part of a "health center" that includes the pool, gym, private terraces to enjoy beauty treatments in the out-of-doors. A muscle-tone vitality workout is organized every morning during high season…and personal training is available. In conjunction with the Bastide, relaxing Swedish and shiatsu massages are given by an osteopath by appointment. A Certified beautician can also provide any type of face and body care. The "Payot’s" beauty care offers real moments of pleasure during the massages and modelings of the face and the body. A large range of original and personalized care is offered such as massages resulting from modeling to the 42 movements and "gummings" using mineral resources of the semi-precious stones, the balsams and the marine crystals.

Hotel Le Mas de Pierre*****
Route des Serres
06570 St. Paule-de-Vence
tel: 33-(0)
fax: 33-(0)

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