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Famous Family Restaurant "Lo Scoglio", Amalfi Coast, Italy
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Peter and Linda D'Aprix 2022

A Welcome Tour of the Restaurant & Kitchens by Sisters Antonia and Margherita De Simon

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The variety of vegetables is impressive. This utterly charming family run restaurant boasts not one but three farms under the experienced hand of Pappa Peppino De Simone who brings his "just picked" vegetables to the kitchens daily fresh from the soil. Baskets of zucchini, artichokes, spinach, tomatoes, favas, egg plant - you name it - arrive early and the produce chef is already hard at work by 8.00 AM in anticipation of the lunch crowd then the dinner. The local fishermen, who make up an extended family, provide the catch of the day from the waters between Marina del Cantone and the island of Capri just across the water. So the menu is what is available and fresh on that particular day.

Most of the people working in the restaurant are family with a few others to supplement who really are an extended family and are treated as family. Of course since the family lives there too, even the children know it as home. A couple dogs (Choco the Labrador and the little ones Whisky & Fiocco) loll around the place or welcome guests ~ or just yawn and go back to sleep.

The kitchens are presided over by brother Tommaso De Simone, Executive Chef, with brothers all working in and around him in the kitchens each with their own speciality. It represents the family commitment in the search for excellence in hospitality and the culmination of their grandmother's dream of building and creating a restaurant that showcases her food and recipes. That tradition started in 1952 with her husband selling everything he owned to make the restaurant possible. Today the family owns not only the restaurant and its small but charming hotel, but also the three farms and has, over time, enlarged the restaurant growing it out over the sea, supported by an ancient boulder (scoglio) set into the beach and most recently an extension set on pillars shaded by retractable sails. And they still cook and serve grandmother's recipes with a few of their own thrown in as inspiration strikes.

Brother Lello De Simone has his own bread oven out on the covered terrace where he bakes mouthwatering crusty loaves every day. A drizzle of olive oil and you are in heaven.

This restaurant is not just a favorite with locals and tourists in the know, many well-known faces from all over the world have sought out this place from celebrety chef Wolfgang Puck to Hollywood glitterazi like Sting and Jennifer Lopez not to mention featuring on the recent show from Tucci on CNN.

(Did I mention they also have a 14 room, simple but charming hotel right on the shore as well for those who don't want to have to drive or helm a boat after eating and imbibing to perfection?)

If you want to visit or stay, here is their contact information:

Lo Scoglio dei F.lli De Simone Srl
Piazza delle Sirene, 115
Marina del Cantone
Massa Lubrense
Napoli, Italy
Tel.: +39 081 808 1026
fax: +39 081 808 2870



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