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How our Site Works

This is both about our site and about our team as well as our passion for the art of food.

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Our Rating System:

We grade our hotels with 1-5 stars (*) in the standard way.

We grade restaurants with 0-5 Flute(s) of Champagne photos . 5 flutes would be the equivalent to a Michelin 3 star or 20 Toques out of 20 from with Guide Gault Millau. And we have a half flute for an in-between.

We have adopted a new designation the “check mark” or “tick” for the British "√" (one to three) to acknowledge more intermediate restaurants that in our opinion deserve recognition for producing excellent food of a more every day style and do what they do very well.

Our rating system is our own. While many of our assessments are in tune with Michelin and other guides, we reserve the right to agreeably disagree with some of their judgements. We believe it is the taste on the palate not the complexity of preparation or even the nature of the establishment that is the final judgement.

We rely on our own rather than a collective consensus to arrive at our ratings and always are based on our experiences when at the restaurant and/or hotel. So yes, they are subjective even as we strive for objectivity and your experience may be very different based on many factors including your own taste preferences. So please take our judgements in that light and we hope they help you in making your own travel, lodging and especially food choices. We also know that chefs move around a lot more from kitchen to kitchen these days, so our stories my become out of date sooner than later. But directors of most establishments we cover do their best to keep a consistency of style as well as quality to their restaurants, so you can take our experiences as an indication of what you are liable to find, but there may be very different experiences than those we had.

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Navigation both Main and Embedded into the Pages:

The main navigation bar at the top has basic link buttons. When you go over the, there are drop down buttons that lead to a basic choice of establishments based on country.

Each country will have a "sub" navigation system based on regional area leading to an “Introduction" page lists the regional destinations like Napa Valley or Provence, for example, with a brief description.

If you click on the regional link it will take you to a regional introduction page where all the stories we have done currently are listed with a photo and a brief description of the establishment. If you want to know more, read more, see more photos and videos, then click on the “read more >>” hyper text or usually the photo as well and you will be taken to the full story.

There is a separate video page. Just click on the hyperlink under the 3 square photos at the top and you can see one or more videos that will play in a small version on the page. To see the videos larger, just click on the little box on the bottom left of the player window to the right of the YouTube logo and it will open in full screen. Click it again and it will revert to the video page.

About the Owner/Editors:
photo Peter D'Aprix photo Linda D'Aprix

Peter D'Aprix - Executive Editor is an experienced, top international photographer, journalist and graphis designer.

Linda D'Aprix - Managing Editor, is a professional food writer and culinary expert.

They spend their time between homes in Ojai, California and Provence, France. They not only photograph food at their favorite restaurants, but seek out new chefs at home and abroad to feature in their stories for "Gourmet Voyageurs" e-magazine as well as "Culinary Trends" magazine for whom they research and write articles as well as translate recipes including photographing the food.

They have a small house in a remote village in the hills of Haute Provence on a lake surrounded by some of their favorite restaurants. The following are some of their biography items.

You can see more of his work at his PeterDAPRIX web site under "photography" at www.peterdaprixphotography.com and www.peterdaprix.html


Associate of Arts from The American College in Paris. B.

B.Sc. in Journalism from Boston University School of Public Communication.

B.FA. from the Los Angeles Art Center College of Design.

Peter D'Aprix has taught at The Los Angeles Art Center College of Design, Pasadena, and at the Brooks Institute here in Santa Barbara

"Saveurs" French Food Magazine,

"Saveur" U.S.A".,

"Santa Barbara Magazine"

"Travel/Holiday" Magazine,

Country Inns" Magazine,

"Westways" Magazine,

"Cuisine Magazine",

"Valley Magazine".

Contributing Editors - "ENTREE" food and travel newsletter

Contributing Editors - “Culinary Trends Magazine"

New York Art Directors Club,

Communication Arts Annual,

Santa Barbara Ad. Club,

Print Magazine, P.I.A.,

Art Center Alumni Awards.

About our Contributing Editors:
photo Jackie Joseph-Lawrence - David Lawrece

Jackie Joseph-Lawrence
& David Lawrence

Jackie Joseph-Lawrence & David Lawrence, Contributing Editors joined GourmetVoyageurs in 2009 and form a welcom addition to the expansion of our coverage base.

Jackie Joseph has been writing her “Talk With Jackie” column for "The Tolucan Times" for over 30 years and has built a loyal audience of over 160,000 readers. When she married David Lawrence (and changed her name to Jackie Joseph-Lawrence) in 2004, they started a new column, “Travel With Lawrence and Lawrence” which has become a staple of the newspaper.

The Tolucan serves the influential and upscale "media district" of Toluca Lake which includes Universal Studios, Warner Bros. Studios, NBC, and Disney Studios. It also is the primary residence of well-known actors, directors, writers and producers. These readers are affluent and they travel - for pleasure and for business.

They have written well-received columns about fine restaurants including Le Meurice, The Ritz, Tour d'Argent, Le Bristol, Alain Ducasse and Grand Vefour in Paris -- Les Crayeres in Reims -- Cipriani, Do Leoni and Antico Martini in Venice -- Chantecler and Don Camillo in Nice -- Capo Nord in Elba -- Banyon Tree at the Ritz Carlton in Maui, General Store in Hali'imaile -- Daniel, Tocqueville and The Monkey Bar in New York -- Tom Aitkens in London--and many more and spend a considerable chunk of every year testing and enjoying fine hotels and restaurants all over Europe.

They spend a lot of time in the cities of the world, while we enjoy the country and its villages and small towns, so they help us cover a wider range of hotels and restaurants. But even they like to head out of town so we receive a number of stories from further afield as well.

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While we make every effort to get our facts straight, we cannot guarantee that all the information we provide is correct or current. This site is designed to be an editorial, magazine style site rather than a factual guide book. We report on what we found and experienced at each establishment. What you find when you arrive or what you experience may well differ from our experiences and, sadly, these days chefs move around a lot! But as they play musical games with restaurants, those in charge generally pick each new chef for how well they will fit in with the restaurant’s approach to cuisine.

Sometimes chefs have bad nights, they may be off and their sous, sous chef may be in charge who may or may not be on top form. They may be feeding a huge wedding party and the staff may be stretched thin. Not an excuse to be sure but this sort of thing can happen. There may be staff changes that can affect service. Menus can change. Some rooms in hotels may not be up to the same standards as others especially in old buildings where each room is different or as a hotel is progressively upgrading. There are many things which can affect one person's experience from another’s. We are looking for something a little different based on tastes, past experiences etc. If your experience differs considerably from our experience at any establishment on which we feature, please let us know from our Contact Us page. We appreciate your input.

In March of 2004 we have also added some low key advertising to try to help cover the cost of producing this e-magazine. They are from Google's AdSense program and other affiliates. We have found that many of them enhance the site with useful links and foodie products and services as well as travel information and tools. The ads are programmed to relate to subject matter on each page on which they appear. But we have no control over the content and cannot accept any responsibility for any experiences with the advertisers or their products and/or services.

And then, of course, we all have our preferences and opinions on not only the tastes we like but the tastes we don’t like, or ingredients, or questions of richness or seasonings, even new styles of cuisine over more traditional. We do our best to rate restaurants based on how well they do what they are setting out to do rather than giving in to our own personal preferences. But we are only human and tend to gush embarrassingly when everything we do like comes together all in one place. So we all have our own passions and our stories, while hopefully objective, are certainly flavored with our own subjective responses.

We would appreciate hearing back from you with good and bad experiences you may have with the program.

Sincerely, the editors.



All rights reserved peter d'aprix ©1985-2019.
No copying, reuse or partial reproduction permitted without written permission by the authors, Peter and Linda D'Aprix.

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