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While we make every effort to get our facts straight, we cannot guarantee that all the information we provide is correct or current. This site is designed to be an editorial site rather than a factual guide book. We report on what we found at each establishment. What you find when you arrive or what you experience may well differ from our experiences.

Sometimes chefs have bad nights, they may be off and their sous, sous chef may be in charge who may or may not be on top form. There may be staff changes that can affect service. Menus can change. Some rooms in hotels may not be up to the same standards as others especially in old buildings where each room is different. There are many things which can affect one person's experience from anothers. We all are looking for something a little different based on tastes, past experiences etc. If your experience differs considerably from our experience at any establishment on which we feature, please let us know at contact us We appreciate your input.

In March of 2004 we have also added some low key advertising to try to help cover the cost of producing this e-magazine. They are from Google's AdSense program and other affiliates. We have found that many of them enhance the site with useful links and foodie products and services as well as travel information and tools. The ads are programmed to relate to subject matter on each page on which they appear. But we have no control over the content and cannot accept any responsibility for any experiences with the advertisers or their products and/or services.

We would appreciate hearing back from you with good and bad experiences you may have with the program.

Sincerely, the editors.

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