David Lawrence

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David LawreceFrom JACKIE: David and I were college sweethearts over 50 years ago. When we went our separate ways, he went into advertising (an original “Mad Man”) as a copywriter, then Director of TV and Radio for regional agencies in Los Angeles. He joined Procter & Gamble’s 5-man subsidiary, P&G Productions and headed up the L.A. office for 11 years during which he helped select pilots and series for the company. He supervised the production of shows like “Dick Van Dyke”, “Mary Tyler Moore”, “The Rifleman”, “Doris Day”, “Bill Cosby”, and loads of others. Our paths crossed often when I was working as an actress on many of those series. Crossed, but never met; we were married to others.

David was President of the TV Academy for 4 years while at P&G. During this time he produced the first two of his own shows, musical variety specials for ABC and NBC, “Old Faithful” and “Saga of Sonora” both filmed on location and starring Zero Mostel, Burgess Meredith, Jill St. John, Sammy Davis Jr., Roy Rogers and Dale Evans and a host of other stars. When he left P&G Productions to start his own company, Castle Combe Productions, he produced “The Fashion Awards” for ABC, “Emily, Emily” for Hallmark Hall of Fame, “TV: The Fabulous 50’s” for NBC, then was signed by 20th Century-Fox where his company produced TV movies including “Tourist” which he filmed in London, Paris, Rome and Amsterdam and “Helen and Teacher – The Miracle Continues” filmed in the English countryside. He also wrote and produced a one-hour “M*A*S*H” and three years (72 half hours) of “That’s Hollywood”.

After 5 years, David left Fox and produced “Consenting Adult” with Marlo Thomas and Martin Sheen for ABC filmed in Canada, the 4-hour miniseries, “Ken Follett’s The Key To Rebecca” which he shot in Tunisia with Cliff Robertson, David Soul and David Hemmings – “Vendetta” with Carol Alt, Eli Wallach and Eric Roberts filmed in Italy and New York – and a 6-hour miniseries, “Voyage of Terror: The Achille Lauro Highjacking” starring Burt Lancaster and Eva Marie Saint filmed on the actual ship at sea and in Italy, Israel and Egypt.

So you can see, David’s travel has been part of his life for almost ever. Writing about his trips and adventures was a natural extension.