Carrots in Honey Sauce with Cumin

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Carrots in Honey

Ingredients for 4 persons:

48 baby carrots with tops
14 oz (400 g) fresh petits pois
8 regular carrots for the sauce
16 white onions
4 leaves of green cabbage
2 oz (40 g) smoked Canadian bacon
chicken stock made from the white meat
1 table spoon honey (M. Meneau uses honey from lemon flowers)
3 oz (70 g) sweet butter
some grains of cumin
some leaves of lettuce (not Iceburg)

Preparation Carrot Sauce:

1) Pass the “regular” carrots through a juicer to obtain 2.25 cups ( 5 cl) of carrot juice.
2) Reduce the juice over a low flame and add 1 oz (20 g) butter and salt and pepper.
3) Add the honey and several grains of cumin. Stir and let simmer for a few minutes.

Preparation for the baby carrots:

1) Peel and clean the baby carrots keeping the tops intact.
2) Blanch them in boiling water keeping them crisp.
3) Finish cooking them in the carrot juice.

Preparation of the Cabbage Leaves:

1) Blanch the leaves for two minutes. Chill them in the fridge then dry them well between two paper towels.
2) Brush on olive oil.
3) Using 4 bowls or pots that are approximately 6 inches across, coat the insides of each bowl with a leaf making each one into the shape of a bowl. (The carrot dish will be served in this Cabbage Bowl).
4) Place the cabbage lined bowls to dry into a pre-heated oven at 140 °F

Preparation Petits Pois à la Française:

1) Blanch the peas in salted boiling water. Remove and strain. Set aside.
2) Cook the onions and freeze them.
3) Place the Canadian bacon, the onions, the peas, a pat of butter and add the chicken stock to just cover. Place the lettuce leaves over the top.
4) Cook slowly and reduce the liquid.


1) On each plate, place the cabbage leaf bowl. Fill the bowl with the cooked baby carrots. Drizzle some of the sauce around the plate and on the carrots.
2) Serve the peas in a small soufflé dish as an accompaniment. Extra sauce can also be served alongside.

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