Green Olives Stuffed with Black Truffles.

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Photo Olive & Truffle dish

Remarkable olive and
black truffle dish

Ingredients for 4 persons:

32  large green olives
4.5 oz (120 g)  breast of chicken
9 fl oz (25 cl) half and half cream
2 oz (60 g)  black truffles
2  large shallots
4 fl oz (10 cl)  truffle juice
1 oz (20 g)  sweet butter
4 fl oz (10 cl) white porto
2 fl oz (5 cl)  cognac
salt and pepper


1) Pit the olives and let them washout under a stream of cold water.
2) Put the breast meat of the chicken in a blender and blend then add 2 fl oz (5 cl) of the cream and blend again.
3) Pass the mixture through a sieve using a wooden spoon to force the larger pieces through.
4) Pour into a small container set on ice and add 2 fl oz (5 cl) more of the cream and stir in gently using a wooden spoon.
5) Finely chop 1.75 oz (50 g) of the black truffles and add to the cream/truffle mixture and stir in.
6) Stuff the olives, a culinary syringe helps.
7) Finely slice the shallots and sweat them in a pan with butter and the olives on a very low flame but do not let them turn color. 
8) Deglaze with the white porto and the cognac and reduce by 25%.
9) Add the last of the cream. Reduce again. Add the truffle juice and the last of the finely chopped black truffles. Season to taste.

To Serve:

 Place 8 olives per serving in a small cup or bowl, cover with a small amount of the sauce served hot.

On the side, place several slices of toasted country bread. M. Meneau “butters” them with a little goose fat.

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