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Recipe Chef David Millet - "Le Saint-Pierre Cuisiné en Gravlax"
Chateau de la Messardière ***** Hotel & Spa

Ingredients (per serving):*

120 grs Saint Pierre (John Dory - Saint Pierre is a firm, tasty, white-fleshed sea fish)
20 rs salt (sel)
20 rs sugar (sucre)
1 stick lemongrass, green bark and lemon yellow, orange peel, 1 each for the gravlax.
1 zucchini, salt, pepper, extra virgin olive oil, wild thyme
30 cl 3" metal or plastic round ring for the mashed squash and zucchini foundation.
6 grs caviar of your choice.
3 pieces of salmon eggs
A little chopped egg yolk
A piece of white and yellow zucchini sliced thin on Mandolin or bacon slicer.
A beautiful piece of zucchini flower.
5 cl lemon mayonnaise and 5 g of lobster coral
Cress sprouts decorated with borage flowers

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